The smart playlist to rediscover your favorite songs

A smart playlist that is updated every month with songs that you have previously "Liked" or added to a playlist in that month.

How it works

Securely Connect your Spotify Account

Once you connect your Spotify account a new playlist will be created for you to rediscover your favorite songs. This playlist is updated every month with songs that you have added to a playlist or liked in that month over the years.

Lost Songs

With almost every single song created in human existance at your finger tips, it is so easy to loose some of your go to songs in the void of the unlimited.


TuneTimeMachine follows industry standard best pratices. Your Spotify account and TuneTimeMachine account are secured with strong encryption. If you wish to delete your account ALL of your account data will be removed. No questions asked.

Automatically Refreshes Monthly

Your TuneTimeMachine playlist gets updated every month with new songs for you to rediscover.